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The Logic Of Valentine's Day

Today's lovers and tomorrows foes. How much time does it take to turn love into hatred? If the love was that of love at first sight, then the hatred will also come within that much short time. Why does this happen? How does it happen that those who live for each other, become bitter foes? That is as much a mystery as the love itself. To find out why the lovers turn into foes, we must first find out how they became lovers. That is another mystery. Why should two people fall in love?

Indeed, why should two people, who many a times share very few common things fall in love? Is it looks? The manners? The intelligence? What attracts both to each other that many a times lovers commit suicide if separated. It is said that human race is a logical race. Everything we do is governed by logic. But is there any logic in love? One man may be meeting many girls during work, while socializing, but falls in love with one after few years. The same applies to many women. What is this? How does this happen? Ask a lover about why he/she fell in love with a particular person and you will get answers that will further confuse the enquiry.

Are we logical at all? Or are we totally governed by heart and take some steps that look absolutely illogical and many times idiotic? The truth is apparent. A human being is made of so many emotions that to try and analyze the personality is practically impossible. If it was that simple, no war would have taken place.

Coming to better things in life, why talk of negatives? Why not let positive thoughts make all of us feel better?

As I said earlier, we human beings call ourselves logical, but most of the times act in ways that will sound very illogical. Till we find the solution to this puzzle, let us enjoy life.

By C.D.Mohatta

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